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Future Of Electric Cars In Australia



In the present epoch of the 21 st century and globalization and widespread industrialization, one cannot turn his back on the unprecedented growth of technology and its various subsidiaries.
With time, not only the living standards of the consumers have grown but what has also seen a massive growth is a demand for a more convenient technology. The demand of the market and the dire need of the companies to match their pace with the changing trends have always been and will always be the prime motivation why the companies keep pushing themselves towards being better than what they were yesterday!
What follows this uninhibited growth of technology and the industries is a potential threat to the environment which in all probability will be irreversible if preventive measures are not implemented at the earliest possible instance. Two of the major environmental issues faced by the world and not only by Australia are Overpopulation and Pollution. Neither of two problems is being extensively addressed let alone being rectified, however, concrete steps need to be taken before the situation spirals out of control.
There have been countless attempts to control the uncontrollable degradation of the environment, some of which have worked, not as brilliantly but significantly and a majority of them have failed over time.
The one line of action that doesn t seem to be failing as of now is the introduction of electric cars. The incessant consumption of fuel is one of the leading reasons for the depleting health of the environment which indeed needs to be addressed with immediate effect. Australia has been among the first few countries of the world that are welcoming this much-needed change with open arms and it s is safe to say that Electric cars have a bright future in Australia following are the reasons why we think so:

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The recent years have seen an exponential growth of vehicles in Australia. There are more cars on roads than there are people in homes which can t be called a favorable condition either for the natural resources not for the environment of Australia. The continuous growth in the number of vehicles on the street will only boost the usage of fuel which the country is already exporting from other nations to meet up with their fuel deficit. In the year 2018 Australia was labeled an "International Laggard" in terms of fuel efficiency by Richie Merzian Energy Program Director, Australia Institute. The growing crisis can only be battled by substituting conventional fuel with a more energy-efficient alternative such as electric cars.

An environment-friendly alternative

The replacement of the fuel-driven vehicles with Electronic vehicles may cut down a huge deal of emissions in the atmosphere which is sure to bring about a positive change in the not only the depleting air quality but also the pockets of the consumers. The recommendation for replacing the liquid fuel-driven cars with electric cars in Australia was first extended in 1974 but was not considered by the erstwhile government which not only deprived Australia of this technology but also turned its back on a much energy-efficient future of the country. Although much time has been wasted already still we can make up for this loss if we take timely steps for the speedy transition into electric vehicles.

Growth of an industry

It cannot be denied that a simple transition from petrol/diesel cars to electric cars will not only add to the growth of the electric car industry but will also open doors for other industries one of which is the Car Salvaging industry. With the rise in the demand of new electric cars, what will emerge as an imminent need, will be car wreckers, because the old cars will sooner or later be rendered useless and will be recycled to provide for the parts and metal for the manufacturing of the new cars. With the eventual rise in the market of electric cars what will also flourish is the need to get rid of the old cars. The leading cities of the country such as Brisbane have already welcomed the concept of ar Wreckers which has helped the people to acquire cheaper auto parts and get their old unwanted cars removed. Organizations like King Auto have been dominating the Car Wreckers Brisbane with their top of the chart services and highest Cash for Cars Brisbane. This industry can grow even higher than what it is right now if the correct measures are implemented for the introduction of electric cars in the Automobile market.

The Impediments

In Australia, to this date EVs face several challenges. A recent study discovered that Australia ranked last regarding chargers per 100 kilometers. The number of charging stations as compared to the petrol stations was found to be pretty less which is pretty unsurprising given the intensity of the population along with seaside cities. It was also found out that, what is being considered to be a key barrier to the adoption of electric vehicles is nothing else but consumer uncertainty about the charging infrastructure and facilities. Although the authorities have labeled the expansion of EV charge infrastructure as a high priority task, bidding for a network of fast-charging stations on the national highway network to help drive adoption the situation is still under a shadow till the government makes concrete steps in this direction.
Although the Australian government has recognized the prospective plusses of a nation-wide strategy for EVs, it could still take some more time before the consumers witness a detailed plan to uphold the transition to emission-free transport. The much-awaited National Electric Vehicle Strategy is expected to suggest ways to tackle the barriers impeding EV uptake Meanwhile, what is evident to the senses is the fact that Central dithering has not caused an impact on the small number of schemes introduced to help introduce EVs in Australia. For example, the councils of several suburban areas have formulated regional environmental programs targeted at cutting down the carbon footprint of Sydney s eastern suburbs, and recently signed deals that could see curbside electric car charging stations installed in each area.


When we take a closer look at the present scenario it is almost an inevitable fact that we are in dire need of recourse from the old and conventional modes of thinking. Although we have in our sight the way that could be our escape from a plethora of environment and economy-related troubles, we still need to find a perfect way to formulate the plans if we seek to build a livable and energy-efficient future for the coming generations.

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